We are very proud to announce that the SEBO AUTOMATIC X7 PET ePower is the winner of the IER Best Floorcare Product of the Year 2018; beating well known cordless and bagless vacuum cleaners in its category. It shows that cabled and bagged SEBO machines are the best vacuum cleaners for providing quality and reliable all round cleaning for your home.

A SEBO cabled vacuum cleaner provides 100% power, 100% of the time.


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Vacuum cleaning specialist, SEBO, continues its commitment to charity work by donating two vacuum cleaners to Medical Detection Dogs. The charity trains dogs to detect the odour of human disease through samples such as breath and swabs. At the forefront of research, the charity is leading research into the battle against cancer and assisting people with life-threatening diseases. SEBO knows how important it is to have a vacuum cleaner which is efficient and reliable; especially with pets in the home. Imagine having multiple dogs to clean up after like the staff at Medical Detection Dogs! That’s why SEBO has donated two brand new vacuum cleaners, an upright 300 Evolution and a cylinder Airbelt E1, to assist the charity in maintaining cleanliness in their facilities. The professional 300 Evolution cleans flat to the floor and has powerful brush action to clean up pet hair with ease. The Airbelt E1, which is most commonly used in a domestic setting, has an anti-allergen design and comes with a soft bumper system to protect walls and furniture whilst cleaning. Both of these vacuum cleaners are excellent all round machines; ideal for cleaning up after the Bio-Detection Dogs and Medical Alert Assistance Dogs that are trained by Medical Detection Dogs charity – especially in malting season!
Posted By Taylor Alden PR
Powerful, effective and compact, the SEBO Airbelt E3 Premium vacuum cleaner is ideal for every home. With its iconic modern design and ergonomic handle grip, the E3 Premium provides a smooth and powerful cleaning performance. The soft air belt bumper system protects damage to walls and furniture while the easy-glide castors ensure an effortless, smooth experience. The 700W suction motor and the powerful SEBO ET-1 head with rotating brush are perfect for lifting those stubborn pet hairs, giving exceptional cleaning for carpet and hard flooring. The suction power is boosted with the addition of a tapered hose. Weighing only 5.2kg, the stylish, easy-to-use vacuum cleaner has a lightweight telescopic tube which can be easily adjusted to a comfortable length.
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The reliable, stylish SEBO Automatic X1.1 Eco is here to improve all cleaning experiences. With a computer control system for optimised performance, the X1.1 works to efficiently vanish any dirt or dust from any home. The computer control system ensures that the brush is always at the correct height and that the machine is protected, by shutting down the motor if there is a blockage. Combining its high performance motor and its efficient air flow design, the X1.1 provides outstanding cleaning results. Constructed from the highest quality materials, this innovative machine comes equipped with practical features, including a cassette style brush removal and an integrated wand for extended reach. With its super-efficient S-Class filtration system, the X1.1 is a perfect fit for allergy sufferers. With SEBO’s highly sealable filtration bag, dust is no longer a problem: it is safely retained inside the machine and can be easily cleaned and disposed of.
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The SEBO E1 Pet vacuum cleaner combines form and function perfectly. With a super-quiet, yet extremely powerful motor and features such as variable suction, free-rolling castors, a long cleaning range and an ergonomic handle, housework is easy. A floor turbo brush and mini turbo brush make light work of picking up pet hair, wherever it hides, and the hygienic sealable bag means that, once hair is picked up, it need never be tangled with again.
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Setting new standards in the professional cleaning industry, the SEBO Evolution range of upright vacuum cleaners provides effective, user-friendly cleaning and excellent reliability year after year. Every detail is thoughtfully designed and reflects SEBO’s reputation as an innovator. The machines are light to use, easy to maintain and can be used for long working periods; features include fast, tool-free cable change and simple brush height adjustment. The SEBO Evolution establishes benchmarks in durability and usability and is available in three models - 300, 350 and 450 - which offer working widths of 30cm, 36cm and 46cm. Sophisticated design solutions ensure cleaning tasks are simplified while time and cost savings are made in relation to machine servicing and maintenance due to quick access to all parts. Designed to be efficient and ergonomic, the SEBO Evolution features a comfortable handle which ensures easy control and smooth manoeuvrability. The handy wand and integrated suction hose are immediately ready to clean hard-to-reach areas or typical above-the-floor items, such as furniture. Full-size crevice and upholstery nozzles are neatly and conveniently stored at the rear of the machine. The brush height has four levels which can easily be adjusted by the foot or telescopic tube. If the brush of the SEBO Evolution is obstructed, the machine turns off automatically and a red indicator gives notification of a problem. The brush strip is changed without the use of tools by simply pressing a button, releasing the side plate and sliding out the brush strip.
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Perfect for any home life

18 May 2017 11:49:10

Vacuuming is made easy with SEBO’s quiet, compact and stylish K1 Komfort. The easy-to-use, navy blue mini machine, has a cloth bumper all the way round for minimising crash damage. The K1 Komfort weighs only 5.5kg and is extremely powerful with a 2100 Watt motor. The ergonomic handle and lightweight telescopic tube means that the cleaning process is as comfortable and fatigue-free as possible. The deluxe parquet brush is perfect for hard floors while the floor turbo brush is designed to pick up all those annoying hairs and fibres. The bag is really easy to change and the tools are stored so they need never get in the way or lost.
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Keep cleaning with SEBO

18 Jan 2017 16:02:34

A poll conducted by SEBO ( found that 41% of people said that, if money wasn’t an option and the funds were in the bank, they would be willing to pay someone to vacuum for them. Whether it is you, a family member or your cleaner vacuuming, you’ll be spoiled for choice with SEBO’s impressive portfolio of upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners. Looking beyond the stylish design of each machine, intelligent features set a new bar for vacuum cleaners, focusing on increased suction and a quiet motor. SEBO machines also come with a variety of handy on-board tools. SEBO vacuum cleaner models hold Good Housekeeping and Which? approval for all-round performance and also feature anti-allergy design, many having undergone scientific testing as part of Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval endorsement. SEBO’s domestic vacuum cleaners are backed by a five-year parts and labour guarantee offering total peace of mind.
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Bag the best with SEBO

12 Dec 2016 11:37:17

A recent survey by SEBO shows that 83% of us change our vacuum bags monthly; while 4% change them weekly.* Make sure you are getting the best from your SEBO vacuum cleaner though by using SEBO’s own bags; don’t go for copycat imitations. SEBO bags fit perfectly with no hassle or mess. They are specially designed to maximise the performance, longevity and reliability of your machine; and your guarantee is not valid if you use others. SEBO bags use the latest technology, multi-layer, micro-fibre construction which harnesses electro-static attraction to combine high filtration and fade-free performance. The high filtration design enables longer life for filters, preventing fine dust and other contaminants from entering the machine and causing unseen damage to bearings and other components. An integrated sealing lid makes SEBO bags more hygienic to handle and, most importantly, they are the correct size for the machine. And on the same subject, don’t be tempted by bagless machines; the dust and waste is not enclosed and will fly everywhere when you are trying to empty it – not great for allergy sufferers or the floor! SEBO offers a choice of upright and cylinder vacuums so there is a design for all floor types. They are backed by a five-year parts and labour guarantee.
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There's more to being environmentally aware than just looking at energy consumption of products. A true friend of the environment will ensure a new vacuum cleaner is responsibly manufactured too. This is the message for retailers from SEBO, a pioneer in this responsible manufacturing. The consumer knows to look for efficiency when it comes to buying new appliances for the home but SEBO has discovered that few look at the amount of energy consumed in their production and distribution. Sometimes this can far outweigh the energy used during the entire lifespan of a product. According to research by the Commission on Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), WWF, and Halifax, 87% of consumers would like their home to be more environmentally friendly. To achieve this, we, the manufacturers, need to consider the environmental impact of the products we buy right from their very inception, not just once they enter our homes. Manufactured in Germany, using locally-sourced materials and components (which already ensures a smaller carbon footprint than products imported from the Far East), every SEBO vacuum cleaner is made to last. This not only reduces waste and uses less resources, it saves the customer money. The company ensures that every single element of a vacuum’s construction makes minimal impact on the environment. Not only is plastic recycled into new components, but the factory is completely self-sustaining with regards to electricity and even makes contributions to the national grid when supply exceeds demand. A combined heat and power system recovers virtually 100% of its primary energy source; as well as producing the electricity required to run machinery, the warm air created by its generator is used to heat the warehouse while engine coolant is pumped through the office radiators. Water resources are also conserved at the SEBO factory. Rain water (aka brown water) is collected from the roof, then filtered and stored to be used in production and within the factory washrooms, saving the unnecessary use of treated drinking water. The factory and offices are designed to use natural light as much as possible, avoiding artificial lighting and the associated power consumption and working hours are scheduled to make use of daylight hours. This also creates a much better working environment. SEBO has a highly skilled and dedicated workforce and the management of SEBO is very aware of social responsibility and the huge contribution the commitment and health of their staff make to the quality of SEBO products. For SEBO, reducing the carbon footprint of a product starts in the initial design process. Part of the design brief is to ensure that they will pack into the smallest possible cartons and that the carton sizes ensure that the maximum number of machines will fit onto a pallet. Most packaging is made from unbleached recycled cardboard with waste paper from the offices being shredded and re-used for packing. Even deliveries are carefully planned to ensure lorries are filled to their maximum capacity and are running as economically as possible. “SEBO is at the very forefront of environmental technology and we are making continuous improvements to ensure we stay that way. Anyone who owns a SEBO vacuum can rest assured that it has been produced and delivered in the most environmentally responsible way possible and that it is built to last,” says Justin Binks, director of SEBO (UK) Ltd.
Posted By Philippa Worley
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